Onion cultivation, now and in the future

The onion market is a dynamic market:

Where onions used to be produced in a single cultivation method, independent of the final destination, there is currently a  trend that onions are grown more and more for a specific market segment (e.g. processing, dry matter, direct consumption, export).

As a result, onion cultivation will become more specialised, which will also require even more entrepreneurship.
The increase in scale on the primary farms requires a high level of knowledge from the entrepreneurs, whereby cultivation must be mechanized as much as possible, and the number of cultivation operations must be limited as much as possible (labour and costs).

Since onion cultivation is also developing internationally, and the Netherlands is an exporting onion country, it is a requirement that the Dutch onion cultivation continues to develop in order to remain in a top position internationally.
Chain integration is also becoming increasingly common in onion cultivation. With the emergence of more specialized sales markets and associated cultivation methods, further chain collaboration is a logical consequence. This certainly offers opportunities, provided that continuous efforts are made to optimize cultivation, processing and marketing.